Job Shadowing
Trained for Tourism

The tourism industry is one of Malta's main economic pillars injecting billions of Euro into the economy per annum.  This industry is one based strongly on human resources and requires a well trained professional work force. In recognition of this the Malta Tourism Authority organises the CHOICE career educatioon campaign.  The campaign aims at raising tourism career awareness amongst secondary school students.

As part of this campaign the MTA together with the Directorate for Educational Services organises a one week job shadowing experience for Form 4 students.  Over the 7 years in which this has been taking place, hundreds of students have taken part in placements within various tourism related entities, such as hotels and restaurants. During the one week experience students get to shadow different careers in tourism and learn about the skills required to be part of this industry.  It is not the first time that students have expressed surprise at the extent of the skills required to be able to offer a professional service.

Some students went on to study at ITS following this experience and others even returned to their placement to work in the summer.

In the below link one may find an interview with two students who took part in the job shadowing and shared their experience with us.

Job Shadowing Experience